14 Best Free AI Tools

14 Best Free AI Tools for Amping Up CapCut Videos

14 Best Free AI Tools
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Have you got what it takes to advance your CapCut videos? Learn how to supercharge your videos with the 14 best free AI (artificial intelligence) tools for an awe-inspiring editing experience.

In this post, I will share the fantastic new Ai fresh magic tools CapCut has recently revealed. These free Ai tools empower your creativity and transform your CapCut videos and photo projects into true masterpieces.

What are the 14 best free fresh magic Ai tools of CapCut?

Discover the 14 best free Ai tools of CapCut video editor that will reshape your CapCut experience.

Here is the list of 14 fresh magic tools:

  1. Ad script
  2. Remove background
  3. Image upscaler
  4. Image style transfer
  5. Video upscaler
  6. Portrait generator
  7. Resize video
  8. Old photo restoration
  9. AI color correction
  10. Video stabilization
  11. Super slow motion
  12. Photo colorizer
  13. Low-light image enhancer
  14. Super slow motion

Ad Script

So when talking about Ad script, the first question arises: what is Ad script?

Ad script is a written representation of the story. It has different types most commonly used in advertisements, audio, and video forms. So with this Ai tool, you can easily edit and ad scripts to your videos effortlessly.

This tool lets you quickly generate high-converting TikTok and Instagram ad scripts.

Remove Background

Background removal has never been accessible before. With CapCut, you can easily remove your background without losing the photos and video quality. Explore this tremendous feature in the CapCut app.

Image Upscaler

This is a marvelous tool of the CapCut app. With this tool, you can upscale your image by increasing the resolution of your photos. You can upscale your image up to 4K high-resolution quality.

Image Style Transfer

With image style transfer, you can change any photo into an artistic style, like carton, sketch, painting, and pencil artwork. This style is also known as the neural artistic style.

Video Upscaler

This is a marvelous tool of the CapCut app. With this free Ai magic tool, you can upscale your image by increasing photos resolution of your photos. You can upscale your image up to 4K high-resolution quality.

Portrait Generator best free Ai Tool of CapCut

This is the best Ai tool of CapCut, providing you with great portrait styles. This tool generates an Al portrait in various styles. You can create These most popular portraits with the CapCut portrait generator.

There are 10 different styles of portraits:

  • Traditional portraits
  • Surreal portraits
  • Self-portraits
  • Lifestyle portraits
  • Glamour portraits
  • Fine arts portraits
  • Environmental portraits
  • The couple, Family, and Group portraits
  • Conceptual portraits
  • Candid and street portraits

Resize Video

You can resize your videos, Change aspect ratios with one click, and export videos according to social media platforms. You can edit your videos online with CapCut online.

Old Photo Restoration

The biggest problem that anyone can face is Old photo restoration. Ai magic tools solve this problem. Now you can restore your and Repair your damaged photos with this free Ai tool, and it quickly brings them new life with colors.

AI Color Correction

With this Ai tool, you can Adjust your image color to make it livelier. This Ai tool enhances the color of videos and corrects color smoothly.

Video Stabilization

Reduce shakiness and jerkiness in your video to make it stable. This quickly stabilizes your shaky videos with just a click.

Super Slow Motion

Create super slow motion as low as 0.5x speed. Get super smooth videos with the CapCut Ai tool to highlight your videos.

Photo Colorizer

With magic, Ai adds color to your colorless photos and refines them with RGB colors and redefines the possibilities of photo editing through the lens of artificial intelligence.

Low-Light Image Enhancer

With this fantastic Ai magic tool, you can Illuminate your dark moments with Low-Light Image Enhancer and improve low-light image quality with the Ai image enhancer tool.


In short, the 14 Best Free AI Tools for CapCut elevate video editing. From script to style, they redefine possibilities: colorization, stabilization, and more showcase AI’s prowess. Unleash innovation with CapCut’s tools and amplify your editing potential. Spark creativity in your content creation with CapCut’s AI-powered features. Ready to elevate your editing? These 14 best Free AI Tools are your key.

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